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At Relaxation Restoration, our clients' experience is always a positive one. We look forward to seeing your name among these satisfied customers.

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"As a health practitioner, I appreciate colleagues who are exceptionally talented in the healing arts. Brian is one of the best massage therapists I have ever run across. He takes the time to understand your needs, address your concerns, and among other types or massage, offers the best deep tissue around. Luckily for me, he is located virtually in my own backyard. I refer all of my clients, family and friends to him."

Ginni Selle, PhD, LCPC, Integrative Healing Counselor and developer/designer of the Self-Signature Remedy Kit

I had been battling plantar fascitis for about a year and half. A dear colleague of mine recommended that I see Brian. I was reluctant because I was not convinced that massage was the appropriate intervention because I do not carry muscular tension. My dear colleague said that Brian was different. We have all heard that before. But I listened and remained open. He was different. How so? He integrated education, supportive counseling, massage and stretching in an integrated, holistic package that resulted in me never having to go back for plantar fascitis. All of this happened in one session.

He suggested in a supportive way that I consider benefiting from his interventions even when I am not in pain and free of symptoms. I agreed, and I must admit that it is good to know that I am working with a health care practitioner who is skilled along the continuum of care from injury / illness to wellness. BTW, I am a licensed health psychologist, teach health care management at the graduate level, serve on the board of several health care organizations, and lecture around the world on health care delivery."

Dr. Wm. "Marty" Martin PsyD, MPH, MA, MS

"Brian is a dedicated massage therapist, always striving to learn more, to apply his knowledge and healing hands on every individual that he works on. He listens well and has wonderful energy. He cares and wants each individual to feel their best. He is a wonderful massage therapist, and I recommend him to everyone."

Sharon Denton

"One of a kind massage!! Brian really addresses your personal needs. He has helped me overcome my hamstring & shoulder issues by showing me other stretches to target certain muscles. Not only is he very caring and knowledgeable, but he also gives an awesome massage!"

Jaci S.
Yoga Studio Co-owner/Instructor
The Yoga PlaceGlen Ellyn, Il

"As a yoga teacher, I regularly need massages, and I am very picky as to who I go to. Once I found Brian, I will not go to anyone else for massage! Brian is extremely knowledgeable and knows exactly how to work those deep tissues. In my time with him, I have had specific problems to be addressed, and he has fixed them every time. I don't like what I call "foo-foo" spa-type massages; I like massages that work my muscles deeply, and Brian is the right person for that. Whatever type of massage intensity you'd like, he can do it. You won't need to look for any other massage therapist if you go to Brian!"

Linda Karl

"I have used Brian as my massage therapist for nearly 1 1/2 years now. He is by far the best therapist I have found in the Chicago area. Besides being fun to be around, Brian understands Yogis and their unique injuries. I sit for very long times at work without being able to move about; Brian was sympathetic to this and has been very successful in relieving much of my back problems."

Jeff W.

"New to the city and travelling with the new job almost non-stop, my back was killing me; too many bags, too many airports. I tried 11 massage therapists in a 4 month period; I was desperate and aching…. Then I met Brian, the first person I have been to in Chicago who really understands the way the body works. Using stretching and massage, my back was really improved in 1 session!!! And all better in a couple. Now I am scheduling visits when I am in town while on an overseas assignment ( and recommending him to my friends – and now you, too!!! )"

Cheryl McKinney

"Brian worked out a scar tissue build-up in my shoulder that was caused by old sports injuries and years of physical work. In one session, he removed the chronic pain and taught me stretching moves that have kept it away. He is a true professional with a very comfortable presence."

Glenn Keller

"I met Brian years ago when he was with Lifetime Fitness in Warrenville. I made an appointment and got a fantastic massage. I followed him to Studio 209 in Wheaton and continued to treat myself whenever possible. Once Brian opened his own salon on Roosevelt Rd., I was hooked. I go every month because I buy packages of 6 at a time and it is clearly the best thing I do for myself.

I feel so much better. I am more relaxed, I have better circulation, and after working out, it is exactly what I need! Brian can really help if you have pain or need to stretch!"

Jane Gilmer

" After injuring my arm weight lifting, a physical therapist worked on me for four months with little improvement. After a one-hour session and a stretching program, I left completely satisfied and a big proponent of massage therapy. I continue to have Brian work on various ailments with huge success!"

Brook Bachman

"Wow! What a great massage! Brian combines massage therapy with stretching techniques for a fabulous, relaxing yet invigorating massage experience. Tell him where you hurt, and he will customize your massage to relive your sore muscles. And he will take the time to teach you stretching techniques so you can be rid of your pain for good. He is truly my "muscle mechanic!""

Mary Deveney

"Brian has helped me recover from various marathons / 1/2 marathons. If I see him during training, he can knock a good 20 seconds off my per mile pace, and the run is also much easier."

Brian Eisenmenger

"As a 55 year old woman, I have been going monthly for massages with Brian for the past five years. I have suffered with chronic neck and shoulder stiffness and pain. I can honestly say Brian has been able to alleviate this pain with his massages and helpful exercises he has shown me that I can do on my own. He has always been extremely professional, and his massages leave me completely relaxed."

Nancy C.

"Brian is the most amazing massage therapist I have ever been to! When I first went to see him a couple of months ago, I had lot of pain in my right leg from a fall and was on a lot of narcotics. My range of motion in the leg was terrible, even with the drugs. Brian felt a hamstring tear, which my orthopedist later confirmed. Brian incorporates stretches into his massages that are incredible. My range of motion with the injured leg is now better than that of the other, I have not needed any pain meds for quite some time and I could not have done this well without his help, even with the physical therapy that I have been through.

He is very professional, kind and compassionate, as well as talented in the massage therapy arena.
I highly recommend his services and have to multiple people!"

Barbara G.




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